Brickout Invaders Astroids Information

My goal is to try and spread the love of programming so thank you for finding your way to this corner of the internet and reading this page. Right now the site just got started, I'm working mostly on tutorials, so if you're interesting, you have free time and are itching to contribute to this open source project, then here's a wish list of stuff thar would help.

Screen Casting

Originally I had planned on screen casting each tutorial as its own web series. Now I'm realizing it's a massive time investment to simply write the tutorials, much less sit down to cast all of them. If you want to screen case any of the tutorials on this website, feel free to do so. A link back to this site in the description would be appretiated.

Sprites and Assets

Right now I'm covering classic arcade games, so not many sprites are needed, but some custom art work might be needed in the future and I'm definitely going to need some 3d models in the future. Assets that are free to distribute with creative commons for the purpose of learning will definitely ease the pain.